2019 Collection

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A new collection to be discovered
The Giblor’s 2019 collection has just arrived in our stores! A wave of innovations that our customers expect each year with more and more impatience and enthusiasm.
A collection dedicated to them.
To whom, through work, wants to express his personality, giving his best every day.
A collection in pure Giblor’s style: Made in Italy design, an extraordinary attention to detail and the best technology available on the market.
Be yourself, wear Giblor’s

giblor's cataloghi 2019

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A new magazine, increasingly rich in format and content, to immerse yourself in the reality of the company.

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giblor's cataloghi 2019

Nuova collezione Giblor’s 2019

Debutta come sempre a inizio anno la nuova collezione Giblor’s 2019, un momento che i nostri clienti attendono ogni anno con trepidazione, e che accolgono con entusiasmo. Sono passate […]

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Diventa il prossimo protagonista di Giblor’s

Finalmente è arrivata l’estate, e ci aspettano le meritate vacanze… Ma potevamo lasciarvi senza qualche succosa novità? Certo che no! Ed ecco allora Diventa protagonista Giblor’s, una nuova iniziativa dedicata […]

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Simone Rugiati official partner Giblor’s

Chef Simone Rugiati is now an official Giblor's partner Simone Rugiati’s Career started right after he graduated at the Montecatini Terme hospitality institute, and immediately soared thanks to his [...]
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