Giblor's identity

Italian family driven company

40 years may seem many or few: they will certainly seem so many to Giulio and Laura, the last of the Giberti family to have landed in Giblor’s and just over twenty.

They are few perhaps for Roberto and Loris, who have seen the company born and together they drive it since before the last generation saw the light. A family business is different in nature: enthusiasm, creativity and passion guide the choices of those who are at the top of the company, and the care for the product, as well as that for customers, are a top priority.

In Carpi, in a district famous all over the world for its strong link with the world of fashion and Made in Italy style, the Giberti family has built on these values an important manufacturing reality with a strong artisan matrix, creating collections with a strong fashion component.

Strong of this identity, Giblor’s today is one of the main market leaders, and designs and produces high quality professional clothing, which represents the best of Italian style and tailoring tradition.

Be yourself, wear Giblor’s


The ingredients of success, values that Giblor’s shares. The commitment of all of us is to create garments that help our customers to express themselves, enhance their personality, and together make working hours as comfortable as possible. Expressing yourself through your work is an opportunity that you should never give up and what you wear is an essential part of it: it influences relationships with other people, defines ourselves and identifies us. Whoever you are, whatever your idea of cooking, be yourself, dress Giblor’s.

Giblor's be yourself
Giblor's total look

Total look

Designing and creating a successful collection is far from simple, and in Giblor’s we know it well: the creativity of the designers meets the most interesting trends of the moment and, thanks to the experience of the many figures who design and make prototypes, create new solutions able to satisfy both the personal taste and the needs of who will wear the garments during work.

Only those, like Giblor’s, have their own style office and an in-house production, and are therefore able to offer their customers an assortment of complete and exclusive garments, which is renewed every year.

A true total look with Italian design, made of details and quality finishes, which distinguishes who chooses from the first glance.