Denise Gottani

BE YOURSELF…find your way!

The road to desires has always seemed to me like an adventurous journey: a succession of changes, encounters, obstacles, setbacks and surprises.

No stage is useless. There are only opportunities to learn and get involved. My journey begins with adolescence.

It’s generally described as a confused and indefinite age. But I had my goal very clear: I just had to figure out how to become a chef!

From the moment I crossed the threshold of the hotel school I felt like I was taking the road that led to my dreams. A clear direction, without stops or detours.

This does not mean that it has always been a simple and exciting journey: a kitchen brigade is a challenging environment. When you are also the only woman there are two possibilities: you can succumb or put even more motivation into it.

Obviously, I chose the latter.

So, between a period of apprenticeship and a few opportunities to test my leadership, the fundamental turning point has arrived.
You know those reflections that light up and turn into an idea?

You know those reflections that light up and turn into an idea?

It was a moment. I thought: “My world is cooking, but who said that a chef should only ever have one in which to work?”

Why set boundaries if there are so many forms and so many places in which to express oneself?

That question, elementary and decisive, has traced a new path in my professional career: an untapped path that has already led me into the kitchens of many people as a home chef.

Of course, there have been stops, doubts, uncertainties and hesitations: a normal situation when you choose a route that is not frequented and without clear indications. There were times when I felt like I was walking in the dark.

Then, little by little, the first feedback began to arrive, the path became brighter and more defined. Thanks to my work as a personal chef, I have also understood that some objectives can only be achieved if we are willing to build our own path towards them.

Perhaps this is the difference between profession and vocation.

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