Food Ensemble

It is a project that combines the art of cooking with electronic music, sounds, scents and flavors intertwine to create a unique atmosphere.

The sounds of the kitchen are sampled and transformed into music, the ingredients are made up and become small samples for the spectators, who are involved in a multisensory experience.
Genuine ingredients, curious dishes, spices stolen in many trips, smells, melodies, colors and experimentation are the elements that make up the performance.

It is a four-course tasting and a concert of four compositions. Each piece is composed starting from the sounds and noises produced by the realization of the dishes it accompanies, sampled live. Dishes that are made in front of the spectator’s eyes just like in a show cooking. Music that is performed live as in a live concert.

Food Ensemble collaborates with international brands and renowned chefs, in 2018 from the partnership with Barilla a series of videos and performances dedicated to the sound of pasta were born.
In 2019 the Spaghetti Symphony album (distributed on vinyl and on the Spotify digital platform) was released, created together with the starred chef Davide Oldani.
The tour of the “band” is sold out in all stages.

Giblor's e Food Ensemble live

The artists:
FRANCESCO SARCONE. Sarc:o, musician and award-winning sound designer.
ANDREA REVERBERI. Chef trained in traditional kitchens, lover of the mixture of flavors and experiences.
MARCO CHIUSSI. Sous chef and Sommelier.


Food Ensemble for Giblor’s