Food for Soul inaugurates the Refectory Felix in London

A place where “nourish the body and soul”

The doors will open on the 5th of June in London, for the new Refectory Felix, promoted by non-profit organization ” Food For Soul, founded by chef Massimo Bottura, with the intent to fight against food waste and offer a free meal to the most vulnerable members of the area east of the city.
The project has been active for two years, and the association, from its foundation to today, has created and maintained active for the other 3 refectories in Italy and one in Brazil. The winning formula is the same here in the Uk, seek the collaboration of local realities, using the scraps of food offered by the activities present on the territory and involving a large number of professionals and local artists, thus promoting the value of social inclusion and a new way to share together the sense of community.
Giblor’s is at the side of the Food for Soul since its foundation: we are proud that Chefs and Volunteers of all refectories wear our aprons, specially made and donated to the association.
The refectory Felix will be inaugurated on the occasion of the London Food Month, one of the main festival on the theme of food that takes place annually in the british capital. Many, as always, the Chefs from all over the world who participate in the project. To them, and to all the people involved in the operation, goes our most sincere thanks.

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