Giblor's e Rossini

Italian families story

Good stories always start with commitment and passion.

And if the enthusiasm is shared with someone who believes in a project and collaborates to make it grow, the future offers even more perspectives.
The Giberti family learned this many years ago, ever since the brothers Roberto and Loris decided to
relaunch the small tailoring company founded by their parents.
In the same years, the Rossini company grew on similar assumptions, thanks to the commitment of Marco and the two sisters Wilma and Tiziana. Two different families that, together, have almost 100 years of experience, ideas, aspirations and an entrepreneurial vision linked to the roots and to the family tradition. Common values that, now, have led the Giblor’s brand to become part of the Rossini Trading S.p.A. group with the intention of raising even more the quality standards in the professional clothing sector in Italy.
An acquisition that leaves its historic CEO, Roberto Giberti, at the helm of Giblor’s, in line with the approach that has allowed the company to grow and stand out for its craftsmanship, tailoring style, quality, technology and attention to design.
Skills and values that, in different but similar ways, Rossini and Giblor’s have intertwined like the threads of a single plot and which, from today, become the elements of a larger and more important project.
A new shared history, with the aim of dividing tasks, multiplying success and facing all the challenges of the future with determination.


We dream of a world in which all professionals wear the high quality and innovative technologies of Giblor’s garments, to better express themselves.


Personality, professionalism, passion.
The basic ingredients of every success.
They become excellence if enriched with care for details and ability to harmoniously harmonize tradition and innovation.
We at Giblor’s know that well. This is why our daily commitment aims at create garments that can express your uniqueness to the fullest.
Why choose between comfort and style if you can have it all? We want to give you the opportunity to define yourself also through what you wear. We will be by your side every day, for help you work at your best.
Your way.

Be yourself, wear Giblor’s

Giblor's e Massimo Bottura
Giblor's - Total look


In Giblor’s we know: a successful collection comes from the balanced combination of many elements. Like a perfect recipe.
Design and build a new assortment every year it is possible only thanks to an style office and production in total synergy. Two departments representing the engine button of our company.

We are a close-knit team that works every day to exceed your expectations and your desires. Thanks to our style experts, with wisdom and creativity, we capture the most interesting inspirations of the moment.

Thanks to our tailoring department we transform them into garments that are distinctive and pleasant to wear like clothes tailored.
A range of work clothes and accessories rich in personality and quality in finishes, among which you can find exactly what you are represents.

As if we had created it for you.