Giblor’s G’s life 2021

All the news and insights from the Giblor’s world, told by professionals and partners who collaborate with the company, to offer you a different vision of a reality in constant evolution.

Curiosities, events and much more in this year’s magazine!

Giblor’s G’s life
The Giblor’s magazine.

Giblor's - G's life 2021 bottura

In this issue:

Giblor’s world

  • New collection Health & Wellness 2021
  • 2020 Collection Chef & Ho.Re.Ca. 2020
  • Inside Giblor’s Roberto Giberti
  • Excellence continues ALMA, International School of Italian Cuisine
  • A little sweetness International Pastry Federation Gelateria Cioccolateria


  • A day in the life Massimo Bottura
  • The magical touch Emiliano Raciti
  • Tasty aesthetics Mirko Ronzoni
  • Taste of the City Danilo Cortellini
  • La maison by Francesco Francesco Arena
  • Magna Grecia Ioannidis Panos
  • The power of ideas Andrea Berton
  • From Sardinia with flavor Luigi Pomata
  • Cooking music Food Ensemble

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