Giblor’s Health&Wellness 2021 collection debuts

Giblor's health&wellness  catalogo 2021

The Health & Wellness 2021 Catalog is here, a contemporary and innovative collection, which looks to the future, not only for style but also for the concept.

Giblor's Health&Wellness 2021

New ideas and new inspirations which, thanks to our style experts with wisdom and creativity, become clothes and accessories for a vital restart. A combination of transversal garments, ranging from classic functional to more modern glamor, from organic cottons to recycled polyester, but without being strictly tied to a sector aesthetic.
The real novelty is the fluidity that characterizes this range of garments, now freed from the concept of medical or wellness clothing, but closer to an idea of ​​a distinctive garment, pleasant to wear like a tailored suit, which really represents who wears it.

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Garments combined or combinable with each other for a versatile total look, but with a great personality.

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