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All the novelties and further information about the Giblor’s world, reported by professionals and partners that collaborate with brand, in order to give you a different view of a reality that is always in the making.

Giblor's magazine 2019 aperto
Giblor's magazine 2019

In these issue:

Giblor's magazine 2019


  • Massimo Bottura: Giblor’s Ambassador
  • Giuseppe Palmieri: Maìtre & sommelier at Osteria Francescana
  • Nadia Pomposi: Giblor’s Stylist
  • Matteo Berti: Alma’s Creative Director
  • Giulia Cerboneschi: Giblor’s Testimonial
  • Sergio La Bella: Clinica Dentale Dental Practitioner
  • Catia Carretti: ANDI Modena Partner
  • Marcello Ferrarini: Giblor’s Testimonial
  • Alvin Criscini: Cooking Show
  • Franco Pepe: Pizza Craftsman
  • Roberto Lestani: FIPGC President
  • Gennaro Filippelli: Cake Design World Champion 2016


  • Tiramisuper – by Giulia Cerboneschi
  • Chicche of chickpeas – by Marcello Ferrarini