Marcello Ferrarini

(Gluten) Free as a bird
Making virtue of necessity. A saying that perfectly describes Marcello Ferrarini, chef from Emilia who has revolutionized gluten-free cooking with taste and creativity. Giblor’s could only be by his side! Read the full interview.

Marcello Ferrarini represents the modern icon of the eclectic Chef, original and innovative: he arrived at the kitchen with a different path from the classic one, he found in his diagnosis of celiac disease the stimulus necessary to start his extraordinary culinary journey.
He distinguished himself, in a short time, for having experimented and elaborated recipes for celiac fanciful and exclusive, so as to establish itself as a new reference of the national gluten free kitchen to the conduct of the first TV program theme “GLUTENESS, WITH TASTE” aired on Gambero Rosso .
A character so rich in creativity and creativity can not but wear a garment that represents him, and that is why Marcello Ferrarini chose the Giblor’s denim jacket in stonewashed, which soon became a very iconic garment.


Giblor's e marcello ferrarini