Marco Zaccone

BE YOURSELF…wear your best smile!

Why take care of a smile?

We might think that for a dental technician it is a question of health, but for me it is more than this.
I believe that the smile represents a starting point for the confidence we have in ourselves.

After all, it is our first business card when we shake someone’s hand; there remember a happy moment on our best photos; it is a “welcome” that does not need to words.
Smiling makes us feel more confident and brings us closer to others.

For this reason, since I was a child, I knew what my job would be: I wanted to be the creator of as many smiles as possible.
Like any path, it cost many sacrifices and many nights spent on the books. But in the end there is I did it: I opened my studio.

Here, among resins and tools, over the years I have had the privilege of reconstructing the smile of many patients.

I have dedicated my life to this idea. So when the pandemic came, it still was stranger having to get used to the fact that the center of my efforts and my daily commitment was hidden by a mask.

As a dentist, then, I work within a few inches of a patient’s breath, holding one greater distance was not technically possible. Something had to change. But in fundamentally this is the greatest capacity of human beings, isn’t it? Adapt to changes and find a way forward.

So, like so many other professionals, I am committed to adopting new devices anti-contamination and further raise safety standards. It was not easy to change routine, but on the first day of reopening I realized that everything would be fine.

I remember the exact moment it happened. As every time, the patient sat in the chair while I prepared the instruments work. Then, as soon as I turned to him, he took off the mask and smiled at me. A common gesture, which I had not seen for weeks. At that moment I appreciated my work even more: he reminded me that we can re-emerge from difficulties and that our strength is there even when we don’t see it, as a smile behind a mask. We just have to keep looking after it, in all possible ways. To share it again soon, brighter than before.

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