Massimo Bottura

Food for Soul founder
Chef of Osteria Francescana
– 3 Michelin stars –
Winner of the White Guide Global Gastronomy Award 2014
Winner of the Best World Wide Restaurant 2018
From Osteria Francescana to the Food for Soul project, cooking is an act of love and sharing.
As Massimo Bottura confides in Giblor’s, it is with culture that the world and habits of everyone can be changed.
Many projects that arise from the passion of the Modena chef.
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When you are the best chef in the world, according to The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, you cannot improvise.
The ingredients of success are ceaseless search, obsessive attention to details and extreme passion.

Massimo Bottura recognized in Giblor’s an excellent partner, after all the best chooses the best.