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Giblor’s presents a selection of footwear designed to complete the collections for the Chef Style, & services, Wellness & Beauty and Health & Care sectors, of which the Carpigian company is one of the main producers in the world.
Comfort and design are the strengths of the footwear proposed in this catalog, made in compliance with all the safety and health regulations of the person, and whose wide range ensures perfect coordination with the garments of the entire Giblor’s range.

Giblor’s distributes, exclusively for Italy, the DIAN brand, a leading company in the manufacturing of work shoes, with over 30 years of experience behind it. Thanks to the constant investment in research, DIAN has achieved an excellent quality product, with the goal of offering convenience, comfort and safety in the workplace. DIAN footwear complies with the EN-ISO-20347: 2012 and EN ISO-20345: 2012 standards, which guarantees products of design, quality and production excellence in the footwear industry.

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Footwear is a work tool that must adapt to every need. In the sector as in the health and Wellness, comfort comes first, because there are many hours of work spent standing up. But footwear must also ensure maximum protection and health of the feet: following the biomechanical principles, the shoes that Giblor’s offers in this catalog ensure adequate adjustment and complete care of the foot, also offering the possibility of incorporating user-specific orthopedic supports.


In Giblor’s we always say it, the details make the difference: we select the items with great care and attention to design, to offer you shoes that are a perfect combination of functionality, health and aesthetics.
The products that you will find in this catalog offer protection and security, without giving up a modern and captivating image, designed to best coordinate with our professional clothing collections.


We only select high quality footwear: the insoles are made of quilted and breathable materials, which keep the sole of the foot dry and allow the perspiration to evaporate.
The shoes are lined inside, they adapt to the morphology of each foot and, thanks to the antibacterial treatments to which they are subjected, prevent the proliferation of microorganisms and bad smells.
The sole is made of soft materials able to absorb the impacts that occur on the heel when walking, and is composed of wide grooves that facilitate the evacuation of liquids and avoid slipping on any surface, dry or wet.

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