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Giblor's - G's life 2022

Click here and download the new edition of G’s Life: lots of news, articles and interviews, beautiful images and insights, and the unmissable appointment with the “Diventa Protagonista Giblor’s”, always awaited and even richer this year.


On the cover the story of Solaika Marrocco, awarded as the best young chef in Italy, and then the interviews with talented young people also accompany the path of Massimo Bottura and that of Andrea Berton, the return of the S. Pellegrino Young Chef Competition, Alma, the FIPGC and the articles on the new Giblor’s collections which in 2022 will be 3!


A number built around the fil rouge of sustainability, a highly topical issue to which the world of gastronomy is very sensitive and increasingly actively involved.



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